The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the computer that controls how an engine works. An ECU remap can boost and enhance the fuel ecomomy and power of your car within an hour.

By default the settings or maps are not the best they could be. This is down to manufactures having to consider laws, rules and regulations of all the countries they sell the vehicle in.

Performance can also be limited by car makers so they can release an upgraded and more expensive version at a later date while only changing a few settings in the ECU.

ECO – Software developed to concentrate on fuel economy

Stage 1 – Software Only

Stage 2 – Software with the addition of exhaust system and/or intercooler

Stage 3 – Software along with more extensive hardware upgrades such as hybrid turbo etc

DSG / Gearbox remapping – Optimised gearbox software improving torque capabilities, shift speeds, launch control and rev limiters

If required we’ll administer a chemical clean and/or injector cleaning solution

Then the CarbonCleaning™ automated machine is temporarily plumbed into the air intake. This Injects a small and safe amount of hydrogen along with the additive into your engine at the required levels. Over the next 30 minutes this thoroughly cleans the engine from the air intake right through to the end of the exhaust. Unlike our competitors our machine requires no external power source. Instead it draws power from your vehicles battery. This not only ensures the service is 100% mobile but CarbonCleaning™’s technology also uniquely works in tune with the engine’s requirements, constantly monitoring voltage and amperage changes then adapting accordingly.