We are Midlands Number 1 Engine Carbon Cleaning™ Service Technicians and part of the world’s longest serving and most experienced Hydrogen Engine Carbon Cleaning service. Today’s engines become dirty due to ever important anti-pollution requirements. and in addition for road going vehicles the problem worsens when taking into account imposed speed limits, fuel quality and stop/start city traffic. This issue manifests in all diesel and petrol engines causing carbon deposits to slowly build-up within the engine resulting in damage to components such as saturated EGR valves, clogged DPF filters, and dirty/sticky turbochargers. The repercussions are increased pollution & emissions, reduced peak performance, poor fuel economy and eventually damage to the engine components.

This problem effects all road going vehicles (cars, motorbikes, light commercial and HGV etc), boat engines, as well agricultural / plant machinery and even light aeroplanes. Basically if it has a petrol or diesel engine it will suffer from carbon build-up. Carbon Cleaning Midlands supply a mobile service where we’ll bring the CarbonCleaning™ machine to you.


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Almost every vehicle can benefit from an ECU remap to imporve performance and overall engine smootheness/response.
Every remap is custom written and developed in house on our 2400hp Dynocom AWD dyno. We do not supply and flash generic software to your vehicles ECU. Our ECU remap can offer the following benefits:

  • Superb Horsepower and torque gains
  • Reduced acceleration times
  • Smoother delivery across the rev-range
  • Speed limited removal (for motorsport use only)

We have built our excellent reputation by offering software upgrades that give the best performance gains possible whilst maintaining reliability.


DPF Cleaning

DPF cleaning is done by using a 2-step chemical system. It is pressurised in through the DPF pressure sensor pipe directly into the DPF. Most of the time there is no need to remove the DPF for cleaning.

Diagnostic Checks

We offer a full diagnostic checks on all types of vehicles.