Our stage 3 carbon cleaning service consists of chemical, hydrogen and injector cleaning.

We will use our chemical cleaning products on the exhaust system to provide you with an unbeatable flush solution. Carbon build-up retains moisture, when we use our hydrogen cleaning it’ll remove the majority of this however our stage 3 chemical solution is designed to burn the leftover residue away, leaving you with the best possible results.

Then the CarbonCleaning™ automated machine is temporarily plumbed into the air intake. This Injects a small and safe amount of hydrogen along with the additive into your engine at the required levels. Over the next 30 minutes this thoroughly cleans the engine from the air intake right through to the end of the exhaust. Unlike our competitors our machine requires no external power source. Instead it draws power from your vehicles battery. This not only ensures the service is 100% mobile but CarbonCleaning™’s technology also uniquely works in tune with the engine’s requirements, constantly monitoring voltage and amperage changes then adapting accordingly.